Osaka Amazing Pass 2016

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Osaka Amazing Pass 2016

●Osaka Amazing Pass 2016
Osaka Amazing Pass is a convenient sightseeing transportation ticket with a great deal which includes admissions to sightseeing facilities and free-rides on trains/buses in Osaka City.

There are 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass. The differences between 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass are as follows.Please use whichever is convenient for you. The sale places are different for 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass. Here is the detail.

Kind of PassValid periodRange for train-ridesFee
1 Day Pass1 Day onlyOsaka Municipal Subway, Trains except JR Lines, and Osaka Municipal Bus (See the route map in detail.)2,300yen
2 Day PassConsecutive 2 daysOsaka Municipal Subway, Osaka Municipal Bus(See the route map in detail.)3,000yen

Sale Places for 1 Day Pass and 2 Day Pass
Usage Guide

1 day pass Osaka area edition (2,300 yen) or 2 day pass (3,000 yen) are not available for use from the Kansai Airport. However, 1 day pass Nankai-Kansai Airport edition (2,900 yen) is available for use.
(Nankai-Kansai Airport edition includes unlimited rides for 1 day on all Nankai Electric Railway lines within Osaka Prefecture added to the valid area for the Osaka Amazing Pass area edition for 1 day.)
It is sold at “Nankai Kansai-Airport Station” only, so please purchase when you arrive at the Kansai Airport, even if you use it on the last day of your trip.

*Osaka Amazing Pass Nankai-Kansai Airport edition is valid only for 1 day use. So if you arrive at noon and not plan on entering any sightseeing facilities on that day, you don’t need to use the “Nankai-Kansai Airport edition”. In such case, YOKOSO! OSAKA TICKET is recommended.

This ticket includes one way ticket from the Kansai Airport to Namba on Nankai Electric Railway, Rapi:t express ticket (regular seat), and 1 day free ticket on Osaka City Subway, New Trams and all bus routes (with discounts on facility admissions.)

*YOKOSO OSAKA TICKET is not sold at Kansai-Airport Station. Please purchase it at a travel agency in your country or by the Nankai Electric Railway WEB purchase form, and exchange it at Nankai Kansai-Airport Station.

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