Matsuya-machi Spring Battle

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2013/04/28 14:00~17:00

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Matsuya-machi Spring Battle

松屋町春の陣Matsuya-machi is famous for more than 100 wholesale and specialist stores selling Japanese dolls (like hina ningyo, gogatsu ningyo), toys, cheap sweets, paper, fireworks.
“Matsuya-machi Spring Battle” held after the vernal equinox every year,centered around young shop owners. This year also the event being held.


April 28 (Sun) 2013
the kickoff ceremony / 14:00
Samurai Procession / 14:00 – 15:30
Triumphal return ceremony / 15:30
Try on Kabuto (helmet) / 16:00-17:00

第七回松屋町春の陣 第七回松屋町春の陣

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Additional information
Kickoff rally:Minami Ooe Park
Kogawa, Chuo ward, Osaka
Fee: Free
Web Link
Ooaka commerce credit union parking lot
Matsuya-machi Subway Station
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