The 4th Osaka 8.8 Million Drill

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2015/09/04 11:00~

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The 4th Osaka 8.8 Million Drill

大阪880万人訓練Everyone in Osaka will have the opportunity to plan, act, and review their actions (see below):

A Disaster Drill will be conducted throughout Osaka on Friday, September 4, 2015!!
11AM: Earthquake!!
(A over public address (PA) system – both indoors and outdoors)
11:03AM: Tsunami Warning!!
(Announced through “Area Mail”/Emergency Alert Message ※This is not the alarm for the Earthquake Early Warning)
※Some municipalities may send another alert message after sending the prefecture-wide alert message.

■Via Cell Phone
・11:03 AM(approx.)
“Area Mail”/ Emergency Alert Message (available for compatible models only)
Your phone will ring even if it is in silent mode!
※Ask your cell-phone company for details on whether your phone is a compatible model
※Some municipalities may send another alert message after the prefecture-wide alert message.
※Maximum availability ratio was 80.1% (as of the end of March 2015)

leaflet (pdf, 301.84KB)

Additional information
Contact Information:
Osaka Prefectural Office
 06-6941-0351(Main Number)
 06-6910-8001(Contact Info Center for Prefecture Residents)
Osaka City Office 06-6208-7387

We recommend calling in advance as phone lines may be busy on the day of the drill.
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