Aqua Metropolis Osaka : Inochi Festival

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Aqua Metropolis Osaka : Inochi Festival

inochi フェスタAn experience event that encourages people to think about the future of those living in the Nakanoshima area, known as the heart of Aqua Metropolis Osaka, who are blessed with the sources for life: water and greenery.
Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2015 will host a variety of programs with the theme of ‘Bright Future for Water and Inochi’, such as Osaka nightscape with water and lightings, educational programs teaching the importance of water to life, the significance of disaster prevention, the threat of water disaster, and a Halloween Run at Osaka Castle. For details, please visit the website.

●OSAKA AQUA DRAGON 2015.8.1~8.9
●Aqua Metropolis Osaka Opening Event 2015.8.1

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