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The Heart of Osaka can be accessed easily using either the international or domestic airport. Hotels, shops & places of interest abound, as does a feeling of warmth that can be readily sensed through the everyday friendliness of the city’s gastronomic and entertainment establishments.
There does, however, remain another charming side to life in the city; a whole different world of culture and scenery waiting to be discovered and explored – and all within a short journey of an hour or two from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Using the Heart of the City as your starting point; journey south to experience a quiet air of mystery that wraps itself around a legendary mountain named Koyasan; the picturesque landscape and coastline of Wakayama prefecture and the attractive Ise-Shima area too. North and east you can journey to the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara; both overflowing with history and culture. The port of Kobe, and its fashionable areas of interest, lies to the west. Whichever of these must-see places of interest you choose to visit, each can be enjoyed on a day trip from the central Osaka area.
Osaka and its surrounding areas are blessed with a comprehensive and efficient transportation network ready to support your excursions to any of the many wonderful destinations around the region. From the Heart of Osaka any number of fun, short journeys are possible.

広域観光交通Details about day trip excursions from the center of Osaka to Wakayama, Mt. Koya, Nara, Kobe, Kyoto, Shiga & Kansai AP.

■ Wakayama direction
広域観光交通 / 和歌山
HOMEPAGENankai Line “Ltd.Exp.Southern”
Journey time: 60 min.

■ Koyasan direction
広域観光交通 / 高野山
HOMEPAGE Nankai Line “Ltd.Exp.Southern”
Journey time: 60 min.

■ Kansai International Airport direction
広域観光交通 / 関西空港
HOMEPAGENankai Airport Line ”Ltd.Exp. Rapi:t”
Journey time: 35 min.

■ Nara direction
広域観光交通 / 奈良
HOMEPAGEKintetsu Nara Line ”KINTETSU Ltd.Exp.”
Journey time: 40 min.

■ Kobe direction
広域観光交通 / 神戸
HOMEPAGEHanshin Namba Line (interconnected with the Kintetsu Line)
Journey time: 40 min.
*This site is only in Japanese.

■ Kyoto direction
広域観光交通 / 京都
HOMEPAGEKeihan Line ”Keihan Ltd.Exp.”
Journey time: 50 min.

■ Shiga direction
広域観光交通 / 滋賀
HOMEPAGE Keihan Line use
Journey time: 90 min.

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