Uemachi Daichi

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Uemachi Daichi

A long ago most of Osaka was under the sea. The Uemachi Daichi was the only land area and today this is a repository of historical treasures. You can see Hideyoshi’s remnants such as Karahori, the outside most of Osaka Castle, and Teramachi, a defense line in wartime. This area also holds remembrances of famous writers including Chikamatsu Monzaemon, Ihara Saikaku, and Naoki Sanjugo. Reminiscent houses and alleys create a relaxing atmosphere, and we unaware of the passage of time.

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空堀・直木三十五記念館 Kanrahori,Naoki Sanjugo Museum 空堀・直木三十五記念館 Kanrahori,Naoki Sanjugo Museum

Citizen groups work positively to reuse old row houses to rejuvenate Karahori where still has a nostalgic atmosphere. The popular novelist, Naoki Sanjugo Museum is regarded as a hub of Karahori culture.

住友銅吹所跡 Remains of Sumitomo Copper Blowing Factory 住友銅吹所跡 Remains of Sumitomo Copper Blowing Factory

During the Edo Era, Osaka was well known for the center of copper refining. Above all, the Sumitomo Copper Blowing Factory was the nation’s largest one. In its eastern part, there were about 80 furnaces and the related facilities.

松屋町筋 Matsuyamachi-suji 松屋町筋 Matsuyamachi-suji

Matsuyamachi-suji, dubbed Matchamachi, is a doll’s town, which is filled with wholesale stores dealing with traditional dolls and toys. Japanese have a custom of making a scapegoat of dolls to expel evil spirits.

近松門左衛門墓所 Tombstone of Monzaemon Chikamatu 近松門左衛門墓所 Tombstone of Monzaemon Chikamatu

Chikamatsu left a lot of Joruri(puppet theater) and Kabuki masterpieces. He dramatized an actual double suicide and wrote Sonezaki Shinju, The Love Suicides at Sonezaki, which became all the rage at that time.

井原西鶴墓所 Tombstone of Saikaku Ihara 井原西鶴墓所 Tombstone of Saikaku Ihara

Ihara set the standard for Ukiyo-zoshi, or prose fiction describing ordinary people. In Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrire, he composed staggering 23,500 poems in a day and night, which set the best record of numerous poems.

高津新神社 Kozu Shrine 高津新神社 Kozu Shrine

Kozu Shrine enshrines the Emperor Nintoku. Lotteries were often performed to raise funds for repair in the Edo era. Its wide view of Osaka is famous nationwide.

中寺 Nakadera 中寺 Nakadera

Nakadera, a town composed of lots of temples, was made by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in order to make a defense line in wartime. Old wooden temples still remain, which creates an old downtown atmosphere.

大槻能楽堂 Otsuki Nohgaku-Do Theater 大槻能楽堂 Otsuki Nohgaku-Do Theater

Noh(classical Japanese performance) and Kyogen(classical comic theater) are mainly performed in this hall. With approximately 600 years history, Nohgaku is the oldest existing theatrical art in the world.

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