Dondoko Boat and Bunraku Boat and Rakugo Boat

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Dondoko Boat and Bunraku Boat and Rakugo Boat

どんどこ船や文楽船、落語船On the day of Teijin Festival, “Dondoko Boat” “Bunraku Boat” “Rakugo Boat” create a gorgeous scene as they sail across the Dotonbori River to mark the beginning of the festival.

Dondoko Boat will play a role to mark the beginning and set a mood for the festival as they spread out of the Funatogyo (Boat Procession) line. The name of the boat derives from the sound ‘dondoko’ that drummers make while sailing across the river. Performances include a dynamic scene of boatmen pulling an oar in unison and also “Kowaka”, a children’s Dondoko Boat, pulled by elementary and junior high-school students.

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Dotonbori River
5 minutes walk from "Namba" subway station and "Osaka Namba" station in Hanshin/Kintetsu line, 8 minutes walk from "Namba" in Nankai line
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