Chuo Ward Day Trip in Osaka - Senba Festival Experience #1

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Chuo Ward Day Trip in Osaka - Senba Festival Experience #1


2019/10/6 Senba Festival Report

陳 彥聰(チン イェンツォン)

Semba festival was my first time as a volunteer to join a Japanese festival. In this event, I made all-out effort and felt joyful and satisfy. During the event, we carried palankeen to walk through Shinsaibashi that around 2 km. Although it wasn’t a short distance, we had cooperation that rotated with each other to create rest time to ensure keeping moving smoothly. Also, we all kept shouting slogans and motivated each other to create a congenial and passion atmosphere. It seems that team spirit is very important to run an event smoothly and successfully and it can fully demonstrate Japanese spirit. Besides, all of the volunteers and staffs were nice. In fact, I can’t speak Japanese fluently but they were patience to describe and taught us the rundown of the event and how could carry palankeen correctly. After the end of event, there was an afterparty that we had dinner and drunk together. It was a relaxed atmosphere that I could communicate more with each other to improve relationship and know more about Japanese culture. At last, this was very good experience that made me felt happy and fulfilled. If there are the other chance, I will join certainly.

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