Museum of Kamigata Comedy and Performing Arts (Wahha Kamigata)


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Museum of Kamigata Comedy and Performing Arts (Wahha Kamigata)

 ”Kamigata” was the term used to describe Kyoto and Osaka during the Edo period (1603 to 1867). A “Kamigata performance” refers to the popular forms of public entertainments of “rakugo” traditional comic storytelling; “manzai” comic dialog or comedy duo recitation and story telling that developed on its own in the “Kamigata” region. In this performance museum, you can learn the history and culture of “Kamigata performance,” and also enjoy live performances of these popular forms of entertainment.

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YES Namba Building, 12-7, Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku.
●Subway: Midosuji Line: Namba Station (M20).
 Yotsubashi Line: Namba Station (Y15).
 Sennichimae Line: Namba Station (S16).
●Other: Kintetsu Line: Namba Station.
 Nankai Line: Namba Station.
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●Opening Times: 11:00~18:00. (last admission 17:30).
●Prices: Admission free.
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