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Song Monument of Tsuneo Ishihama

2017/03/01   -

This monument is dedicated to the novelist and songwriter Tsuneo Ishihama, the sole apprentice of Ya …


Takashimaya Exhibition Hall

2012/05/11   -

 This museum was established in 1970 as one of many projects to celebrate and commemorate the 50th a …


Nanchinakasuji Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 People visiting from all over are likely to walk through this small merchant district on their way …


Houzenjimaehondori Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 A theatrical hall given over to Kamigata style culture stands nearby. The local shrine, contained i …


Namba Sennichimaedori Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 This shopping district is very close to the famous Namba Grand Kagetsu (NGK). The place is dotted w …


Namba City/Namba PARKS

2011/12/09   -

 For those fashion independent people among you,  make your way towards this, the largest urban shop …


Kuromon Ichiba Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 The area around here is known as the kitchen of Osaka. The shopping arcade ceiling is decorated wit …


Namba Center street Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 This sky blue arcade has a bright, clean feel about it. Large electrical appliance stores, memorabi …


Minami Sennichimae Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 At the north end stands a large electrical store, at the south is the holy ground of Yoshimoto come …

Namba Walk

2011/12/09   -

 Namba Wan, the mascot of Namba Walks, welcomes you to this 250 store underground shopping center. G …