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The Site of Private School Shingaku Meiseisha

2017/03/10   -

In the Edo period(1603 to 1867), “shingaku” or practical ethics, which was begun in Kyot …

The Site of Inari Shrine Bunrakuza

2017/03/01   -

In the Edo period(1603 to 1867), Semba was where influential merchants gathered. Puppet performances …


Midosuji Sculpture Street / Venere del Brenta:E-13

2012/12/04   -


Midosuji Sculpture Street / Boy and Girl:E-15

2012/12/04   -


Midosuji Sculpture Street / Venus Au Voiles:E-14

2012/12/04   -


Midosuji Sculpture Street / Cloth:W-14

2012/12/04   -


Mitsu Hachiman gu Shrine

2012/04/23   -

This shrine is located in the middle of Americamura,an area popular with young people.”Mitsu&# …


Namba Shrine

2012/04/23   -

This shrine is said to enshrine EmperorNintoku. Though it prospered under the patronage of Hideyoshi …


Senba Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

Senba, known as the town of merchants, has more than 300 years of history behind it. Nowadays, the t …


Houzenjimaehondori Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 A theatrical hall given over to Kamigata style culture stands nearby. The local shrine, contained i …