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Soemoncho Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 This block, 350 meters from east to west on the north side of the Dontobori River, is the hub of  n …


Crysta Nagahori Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 The word Crysta stands for ‘asteroid’. In this shopping center beams of light fall brightly from th …


America Mura

2011/12/09   -

 With over 2,000 shops that sell everything from used clothes, miscellaneous goods to brand-name goo …


Shinsaibashi Shimizudori Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 This is a popular spot for people to drop by after a day’s shopping in Minami. It’s sandwiched betw …


Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 Shisaibashisuji is the greatest of Osaka’s downtown shopping arcades. This arcade lies one street e …


Ebisubashisuji Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 A wide 370-meter long street connects ‘Ebisubashi,’ the symbol of Minami, to the large department s …


Shinsaibashisuji North Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 Connecting the fashion center of Shinsaibashi to the business area of Honmachi, this row of 88 shop …


Shinsaibashi Bridge

2011/11/25   -

 This bridge was built in 1622 by Shinsai Okada, after whom it was named. In the Edo period (1603 to …


The National Bunraku(Puppet) Theater

2011/11/25   -

 The puppet theater was founded in Osaka about 140 years ago by Bunrakuken Uemura  and soon became v …

Museum of Kamigata Comedy and Performing Arts (Wahha Kamigata)

2011/11/25   -

 ”Kamigata” was the term used to describe Kyoto and Osaka during the Edo period (1603 to …