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Literary Monument of Sakunosuke Oda

2017/04/04   -

Sakunosuke Oda was born in 1913 and loved Osaka from the bottom of his heart. He left behind lots of …

Song Monument of Tsuneo Ishihama

2017/03/01   -

This monument is dedicated to the novelist and songwriter Tsuneo Ishihama, the sole apprentice of Ya …

Aiaubashi Bridge

2017/02/27   -

This bridge was built in 1680’s . “Aiau” in its name originally meant “interaction …


Tombori Riverwalk

2012/05/29   -

 A promenade along the banks of the Dotonborigawa. Welcome to the “Tonbori Riverwalk,” a new landmar …


Houzenjimaehondori Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 A theatrical hall given over to Kamigata style culture stands nearby. The local shrine, contained i …


Soemoncho Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 This block, 350 meters from east to west on the north side of the Dontobori River, is the hub of  n …


Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 Shisaibashisuji is the greatest of Osaka’s downtown shopping arcades. This arcade lies one street e …



2011/12/09   -

●East Entrance to Dontonbori Reputable eateries offering oden, udon, ramen, crab and much more await …


Ebisubashisuji Shopping Arcade

2011/12/09   -

 A wide 370-meter long street connects ‘Ebisubashi,’ the symbol of Minami, to the large department s …


Ebisubashi Bridge

2011/11/25   -

 Reconstruction of this historic bridge was completed in November, 2007.  The giant neon signs on it …