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Cradle of the Clearinghouse

2017/04/18   -

The Osaka Exchange (later to become the Osaka Bank Bill Exchange) was opened in 1880 as Japan’ …

The Site of Teikokuza Theater

2017/04/18   -

At the beginning of the Meiji period (1868 to 1912), Otojiro Kawakami was a rising star of the theat …

The Site of Jyotokan

2017/04/13   -

Koan Ogata built the Jotokan building where he was the first in Japan to conduc t smallpox vaccinati …

The Site of Sokaisho(North & South)

2017/04/12   -

In the Edo period (1603 to 1867), Osaka used to be divided into three “kumi” or groups – …

The Site of Doza

2017/03/23   -

Doza that controlled the supply of copper in Japan was established here in 1766. In the Edo period ( …

The Site of Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry

2017/03/23   -

The Osaka Chamber of Business was established in 1878 with Tomoatsu Godai as its first President. Du …

The Site of Private School Kaitokudo

2017/03/23   -

“Kaitokudo” was the private school opened by Shuan Nakai in 1724 for tradesmen so that t …

Associated with Chubee & Umekawa

2017/03/07   -

The Awajimachi town area is where Chubee and Umekawa, who appeared in the Joruri puppet theater play …


Midosuji Sculpture Street / Fire King No.1:E-8

2012/12/04   -


Midosuji Sculpture Street / In the Sunshine:E-6

2012/12/04   -