「 sights of interest / tourist spots(Kitahama&Doshomachi) 」 一覧

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Naniwabashi Bridge

2017/02/27   -

This bridge in its present form was built in 1915. The famous Lion Statues, each standing 3.5 m high …


Old Konishi House

2013/01/22   -

Built in 1900, this is an excellent example of a black-lacquered wooden “omoteya tsukuri&#8221 …


Aoyama Building

2013/01/21   -

This Spanish-style building was constructed in 1921 as the private residence of Genjiro Noda, the pr …


Doshomachi Pharmaceutical and Historical Museum

2012/09/18   -

This museum was opened on the 3rd floor of the Sukunahikona Jinja Shrine office. On display are medi …


Old Kumano Road

2012/09/14   -

This pilgrimage road starts at Kyoto, passes through Osaka and leads to the three main shrines of Wa …


Sukunahikona Shrine

2012/04/23   -

The legendary founder of Chinese medicine “Shinno” and the Japanese god of medicine &#82 …


Sendannokibashi Bridge

2011/11/26   -

This bridge was originally constructed at the beginning of the Edo period (1603 to 1867). When it wa …


Osaka Securities Exchange Building

2011/11/25   -

The former Osaka Securities building, built in 1935, deteriorated and was replaced with a 24-storey …