「 sights of interest / tourist spots(Tenmabashi&Osaka Castle) 」 一覧

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Tenmabashi Bridge

2011/11/26   -

This bridge stretches from North to South and links the Tenma area of the Kita-ku and the Tenma area …


Tenjinbashi Bridge

2011/11/26   -

It is said that this bridge was built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1594. It was given its present name w …


Sakura Art Museum

2011/11/25   -

Opened in 1991, this museum is the corporate museum of the Sakura Color Products Corporation Japan. …


Ohtsuki Noh Theatre

2011/11/25   -

“Noh” theater is musical theater consisting mainly of singing and dancing by a leading a …


Osaka Museum of History

2011/11/25   -

This museum allows you to experience various periods of Osaka and its history. On the 10th floor of …


Osaka-jo Hall

2011/11/25   -

This hall was built in 1983 as the main venue of the “Osaka Castle 400th Anniversary Festival& …


Osaka Castle

2011/11/25   -

Osaka Castle was built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1583, and was razed to the ground after repeated bat …